Guns in America

At our March and April 2018 meetings, we discussed the  timely topic of “Guns in America.” Moms Demand Action, the Tennessee Firearms Association, and the Nashville Police participated.

We revisited this very popular topic at our November 2019 meeting, starting with brief presentations by Beth Joslin Roth of the Safe Tennessee Project and Barbara Holland of the Tennessee Firearms Association. Keith Caruso, a CGN member and forensic psychiatrist, also presented on the link between mental illness and violence.

We shared how our life experiences shaped our perspectives on guns, and agreed that we all wanted safe communities, safe schools, and safe places of worship. We found common ground on gun safety issues, including prevention of gun theft and comprehensive training for gun owners.

The Safe Tennessee report was discussed

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keith A. Caruso MD, one of our participants, also created this document to answer questions about Psychotropic Medication.

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