Real News or Really ? News

We shared the nexus of Common Ground before. It’s always been about promoting a civil dialogue between persons of different views and opinions. That task has always been challenging, but it’s even more problematic in our current atmosphere of information inundation from non-stop media.

The sources of that media – whether print, television, radio, or social – are seemingly not subject to the constraints of facts or fairness.   The fairness part may have always been true, but opinions were labeled as such. Now “fake news” is real and may be a term that doesn’t require quotes.

Ours is a polarized world and no faction has real cause to complain about media fairness. On all sides of the political, social, and theological spectrums, “facts” and statements are quoted without context, and extreme opinions are presented as definitively valid.

So our conversation for November will focus on the media. Questions might include:

  • What should be their responsibilities and how do we hold them accountable?
  • How do we identify “fake” or for that matter real news?
  • What is our responsibility to assess media input with an open mind? Do we sometimes close ourselves to information because it doesn’t fit into our own set of values or beliefs?

These and other questions should form the basis for an intriguing conversation.

Please join us to find Common Ground.


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