Looking for Common Ground?

Are you missing authentic conversation about tough political issues? Want to get beyond your filter bubble and talk to your neighbors?

We’re here to help.

What’s the Dream?

It all began one night in November 2016. Frustrated by campaign rhetoric, we were left wondering if our society had lost its ability to talk about tough issues.

We decided to work on building a community here in Nashville that can talk productively about hard issues dividing our country. We wanted to include people with a variety of perspectives, experiences, and ideas. We wanted to create a open and welcoming place to speak, to be heard, and to listen respectfully. We wanted to find Common Ground, despite our disagreements.

We have grown our membership to include participants from across the Nashville area. We meet the first Thursday of every month in rotating locations to discuss issues that affect our communities and nation. We start our meetings by sharing food, followed by sharing ideas!  Through civil discourse, we hope to find areas of agreement, to better understand other perspectives, and to practice respect for  each other despite holding varying opinions. If Common Ground Nashville sounds intriguing, please join us! See link below to sign up for our email distribution list. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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Upcoming Events

Oct 3, 2019    Communication Skills Workshop (with Better Angels)
Nov 7, 2019   Guns in America

Jan 9, 2020    Religion and Spirituality in America
Feb 6, 2020   The Electoral College
Mar 5, 2020   Immigration
Apr 2, 2020   Public Education
May 7, 2020 The Criminal Justice System
Jun 4,  2020   Climate and the Environment