Looking for Common Ground?

Are you missing authentic conversation about tough political issues? Want to get beyond your filter bubble and talk to your neighbors?

We’re here to help.

What’s the dream?

It all began one night in November 2016. Frustrated by campaign rhetoric, we were left wondering if our society had lost its ability to talk about tough issues.

We decided to work on building small communities here in Nashville that can talk productively about hard issues dividing our country. We wanted to include a microcosm of experiences and ideas. We wanted to be a safe place to speak, be heard, and listen respectfully. We wanted to find Common Ground, despite our disagreements.

We now have participants from across Nashville and are meeting the first Thursday of every month in Green Hills to discuss issues that affect our communities and nation. Our goal is to connect people with different ideas. Through civil discussion, we hope to find areas of agreement, better understanding of other perspectives, and respect for each other despite holding opposing opinions. If that sounds intriguing, join our discussion.